11 DIY Ways Treat Your Windows Better

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Trying to find ways to makeover your windows without coughing up extra dough? Chances are all the windows in your house aren’t the same size either, so finding options for every size, shape, and room in your home is a task in itself.

There’s a treatment out there for every case of window deprivation. With the DIY ideas below, you can finally dress that naked window in the foyer or add a punch of your own design to your sleepy living room curtains. For those of you who itch to switch things up when the seasons change, prepare to be inspired.

1. Bed Sheet Curtains

windows bedsheet

You can repurpose some stylish sheets already in your linen closet, or just go out and grab a funky new design for less than $20! This easy method using flat sheets doesn’t even require a stitch.

2.  Turn Blinds Into Shades

windows roman.jpg

Now, we know Roman shades can be pricier than other window coverings, but you can make your own! Yes, there’s a simple way to change ordinary mini-blinds into chic Romans without a magic wand or sewing machine.

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