14 Luxurious Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes to Turn Your Home Into a Spa

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3. Lavender Bubble Bath

What better way to end a long, stressful day than by soaking yourself in a warm, lavender-scented bubble bath? I love using lavender scented products in the evenings, from body lotions to pillow sprays, and I would happily add this Lavender Bubble Bath into my nighttime routine.

The use of the whole stems of lavender in this recipe both looks pretty and means that you will get a strong, natural scent from them. You can also experiment with different scents of essential oils, playing around with different combinations until you find one that smells calming enough to send you right off to sleep.

4. Calming Bubble Bath for Kids

It is always important to be hesitant when thinking about what products to use on your kids’ skin, and the best way to address any worries you may have surrounding this is by making your own products.

This Calming Bubble Bath for Kids has very few ingredients, and you can be sure to use kid-friendly soap in your recipe. It has been left up to you to choose which essential oil to use in your bubble bath, so you can make bath time smell however you want to. Although this recipe is aimed towards children, my sister, who is definitely no longer a child, really struggles with sensitive skin, especially when it comes to scented bath products, so I think this would work really well for her.

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