14 Luxurious Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes to Turn Your Home Into a Spa

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7. Essential Oil Bubble Bath

It was the unique choice of the container which first drew me to this¬†Essential Oil Bubble Bath. Most bubble baths I have used previously have come in bottles that you have to squeeze in order to get any product out. Of course, this isn’t difficult but I can imagine that by using this empty olive oil dispenser you could really swish the product around as you pour it, making mounds of fluffy bubbles.

The scent of this bubble bath is left entirely up to you. If you wanted to use other scented bath products like oils or salts, then you could even leave it unscented and let its only job be to create your bubbles.

8. Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath

The introduction to this DIY includes some highly interesting facts about the benefits of taking baths, which I am extremely happy to have learned so that I can now effectively justify spending hours in the tub. I didn’t know any of this before, but baths are thought to reduce anxiety levels and significantly improve your mood.

There aren’t many scents that could calm you more than a¬†Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath, meaning it would be perfect for a relaxing evening. This recipe has a couple of yummy added extras like honey and almond oil, adding both sweetness and those all-important skin softening properties.

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