15 Creative Uses for Shredded Paper that You May Never Have Thought of

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3. Give it Away

You may think nobody would want your useless shredded paper, but you would most likely be incorrect with that logic.

If you have a vet’s office or an animal shelter nearby, they would probably gladly take your shredded paper as bedding for the animals.

4. Let Your Chickens Use It

This is why we began shredding our paper. I got tired of buying material for our nesting boxes. It can get rather costly after all. Not to mention, you just toss it out when the chickens poop all over it.

So I began filling our nesting boxes with shredded paper. The chickens like it to lay in, and I don’t feel so bad when I toss it after they’ve had fun dirtying it up.

5. Let Your Rabbits Use It

I kind of felt the same way with our rabbits. Our female rabbits keep nesting boxes inside their hutches full time. They like to lay in them and climb on top of them.

But they need material inside the nesting boxes because it makes it easier to keep them clean. This is where we began utilizing our shredded paper.

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