15 DIY Pallet Greenhouse Plans & Ideas That Are Sure to Inspire You

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Do you all remember when we brought you the best of the internet’s free greenhouse plans?

Well, we realized that just because the plans were free, didn’t mean the materials would all be super affordable. Which kind of makes those projects a no-go for someone that is working on a tighter budget.

So we wanted to bring you a few affordable greenhouse options in hopes that even those on the tightest of budgets could still create a fully functional greenhouse.

But what is the best building materials that have both stability, functionality, and affordability in their corner? Pallets, of course!

Now, you all know how much I love pallets. They are usually pretty easy to find and though they can be challenging to work with at times, I think they are totally worth it because some gorgeous masterpieces come from them.

Which is why I’m bringing you some awesome plans to build a pallet greenhouse. They are affordable and gorgeous too. Which is why you’ll want to check this out.

Here is what I’ve come up with for pallet greenhouse plans and ideas:

But first…

Why Do You Need a Greenhouse?

I know some of you have seen some really great posts about some really awesome greenhouses and probably thought, “That’s really great, but do I really need a greenhouse?”

The answer: Yes! Yes, you do!

The reason is that greenhouses allow you to grow food during longer windows. If you live in colder climates, this can make all of the difference in your growing season. You can start some seeds earlier and grow some plants later.

Also, they allow you to prolong the life of your flowers too. Can you imagine being able to stroll out to your greenhouse when snow is on the ground and see some of your gorgeous fall flowers still making it?

Well, with a greenhouse (that has an artificial light and heat source) you could.

Finally, they are a great way to produce food over the winter, harden off your seedlings during the next growing season, and your tomatoes and peppers love the heat so they thrive in greenhouses.

But in case you needed more reasons as to why you would love a greenhouse, the character they bring to the property is a definite bonus.

So as you scroll through these greenhouse plans, know that (even if you live on a smaller plot of land) you could still totally pull off a greenhouse.

The Pallet Greenhouse Plans

1. The Cold Frame Greenhouse

I love the idea of a cold frame greenhouse. It is able to sustain life in colder than normal temperatures without any added energy source.

So this is a great option if you are someone that is living the off-grid lifestyle or if you would just like to have a simplified greenhouse set-up.

But these are even better because instead of being a large greenhouse, they are small cold frames that won’t take up a ton of space on your property.

Check out this pallet greenhouse

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