15 DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes to Make Your Skin Silky Smooth

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6. Lemon Lip Sugar Scrub

I love lip scrubs; they are a total lifesaver throughout winter as a quick fix for chapped lips. I don’t like to use them too often, preferring to lather on the chapstick, but if I am going out and my lipstick just isn’t sitting right then I will use a scrub before applying it, and my problem will be solved.

The consistency of this Lemon Lip Sugar Scrub looks like it would be rough enough to do the job extremely well, but still soft and nourishing with the addition of the jojoba oil so as not to damage your lips. It’s a nice compact size, so you could pop it in your handbag for days when your lips are just not playing ball.

7. Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

This Essential Oil Sugar Scrub recipe is incredibly simple, which I am a fan of. Very often the best beauty and skincare products are those with the fewest ingredients, something which just does the job without all the faff.

The ratio of oil to sugar in this recipe is a little different, using more oil than other methods I have seen. I was unsure of this at first, but after thinking about it, I realized that this would be perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, or skin which doesn’t usually react too well to scrubs. The sugar wouldn’t be too harsh, and the oil would ensure that your skin is perfectly moisturized throughout the process of using it.

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