15 Genius DIY Curtain Hacks

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Curtains have been around for centuries, but they have come a long way from where they started. They come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. But at the end of the day, they’re still just a long piece of fabric hanging from a rod. So why are these curtains so ridiculously overpriced, then? I will never forget when I forged my own path and got my very first apartment. I couldn’t wait to decorate, and one of the items I was most excited to pick out were my curtains. I have always had this thing for curtains. I really love what a little drapery can do to a room. So I headed out to the home decor store and I picked out the most beautiful “pair” of curtains. They matched my room and my bedspread perfectly. Theses curtains were a tad on the pricey side, but I thought they were well worth it. Well, imagine my dismay when I got home and realized that I had just spent a small fortune and I had ONE lousy panel to show for it. I couldn’t believe it. Why the heck do they sell ONE panel? How was I to know they sell curtains by the panel? That is so dumb! Not to mention that I just blew my whole decor budget on (yes, I will say it again) ONE panel. But lesson learned, I guess. I have never forgiven curtains since. Okay, a little dramatic, but still — I felt so betrayed!

Curtains don’t have to break your bank anymore, and you can still get that interior design look on a budget. There are tons of ideas just floating around on the internet, and I have complied a list of some amazing curtain hacks to help you out. Let us know if you have any curtain hacks up your sleeve!

1. PVC Pipe For A Curtain Rod

If you have an oddly-shaped series of windows, don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on custom curtain rods. You can make a curtain rod from PVC piping. Get some PVC pipe and the connecting pieces from the hardware store. You can spray paint the PVC piping whatever color you want to match your room.

2. Use A Template

If you have multiple windows in a room, make yourself a simple template from some cardboard. This will ensure that all the curtain rods are at the exact same height.

3. Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Get creative with your curtain rod and think outside the box. Hilary from One Young Love shows you how to turn a tree branch into a curtain rod. If you come up with an alternative curtain rod, share it with us!

4. DIY Curtains

I think a lot about replacing my curtains, but then I realize that the curtains with all the nice and pretty designs are super expensive! If you want trendy curtains but you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount, buy a can of spray paint, instead. Yes, you can spray paint curtains. For another way to get expensive-looking window coverings without breaking the bank, make sure you see #14!

5. Pleated Curtains

If you love the pleated curtain look, follow this DIY to take any a plain curtain and give it the pinch pleated look. If you don’t like to sew but you love this look, make sure you check out #12.

6. No-Sew Curtain Lengthening

If sewing gives you the gears, try this hack! Debbiedoo’s has a great tutorial for those who have trouble with sewing but want to lengthen their curtains. Her no-sew curtain hack is genius.

7. Kitchen Awning

Make an awning in your kitchen with just a curtain and a tension rod. If you have a window encased between two cabinets, you can easily do this! Hang a short curtain above the window and then place a tension rod in between the two cabinets. Drape the curtain over the rod, and now you have an awning!

8. Curtain Rod Finial

A finial is a decorative ornament on each end of a drapery rod. Curtain rods with trendy and chic finials usually cost a small fortune. Well, with this creative DIY you can update a plain black curtain rod without having to spend a fortune. This creative DIYer shows you how to take a half-sphere piece of Styrofoam and turn it into a chic finial.

9. Hang Your Curtains Properly

The best way to hang your curtains is to hang them high and wide. Hang your curtain rod 10 inches above your window and 13 inches out on each side of the window. This way, your curtain doesn’t cut off your window and make it appear smaller than it actually is.

10. DIY Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod

 Modern and trendy decor looks great — especially things that have that industrial look. But do you know what usually follows the word trendy? Pricey. Make your own industrial pipe curtain rods and cut out the middleman! 

11. Alternative Uses

Get creative around your home and use curtains in new ways — they’re not just for covering your windows! These are some pretty cute examples. I love the DIY stage. What little girl wouldn’t want that in her room!?

12. No-Sew Pleated Curtains

If you want the pleated look for your curtains, but you are terrible at sewing, this DIY is perfect for you. This is a no-sew tutorial that will give you pleated curtains without even having to pick up a needle!

13. DIY Ombré Curtains

Ombré has taken the fashion world by storm, from hair to nails and everything in between. But what about curtains? Well, now we can deck out our home with the ombré look, starting with our curtains. These DIY ombré curtains are nothing short of showstopping.



14. Faux Roman Shades

I love a room with a beautiful Roman shade and I have always thought about putting them in my home. However, they are very costly. With this DIY, I can make my own faux Roman shades and no one will know the difference!

15. Stenciled Curtains

Without being overwhelming, this adds a touch of character to your curtains. Using a fabric marker, you can stencil on a pattern to a plain white curtain. Pretty neat, right? Do whatever pattern you like, just make sure you have a large work surface to ensure your stenciling is straight.

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