15 Inexpensive DIY Sauna and Wood-Burning Hot Tub Design Ideas

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I have a little confession to make. I was watching a television show about Alaska (because you all know how I’m in love with Alaska), and I saw this awesome idea that sparked an awesome idea in my head.

So this television family created a sauna that was portable. They took it all over their large property so they could view whatever they wanted while they were relaxing and detoxing for the day.

Let me just say, I’ve had my mind set on having a sauna around my house ever since. I love the idea of sweating it all out. Plus, there are a ton of benefits to detoxing your body.

Which is why I’m bringing you this post. If the idea of a sauna sounds exciting or like something you could possibly be interested in, then you’ll need to know what design options you have and potentially how to create one yourself.

So here are awesome sauna designs that will (hopefully) strike your fancy:

1. The Outbuilding Sauna

This woman created a blog post about how she turned her outbuilding into her own personal sauna. I love the design. It includes an entry way, storage area, changing room, and sauna.

Plus, she also built it herself. It is an awesome idea in my book and would be a great addition to most properties.

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2. The Portable Bike Sauna

This design is a little different than most saunas I’ve seen. Some inventors got together and created this little portable sauna that could fit on the back of a bike so it could be enjoyed anywhere.

Now, I’m not one to want to ride around town in little clothing and sweating for the whole world to see. But some people are okay with that. If you would be, then you might want to check into having your own portable sauna.

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