15 Unbelievably Adorable DIY Baby Clothes You Can Put Together At Home!

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Dressing up your little baby with pieces of attire that you have put together all by yourself with a dose of love blended with style is quite an unearthly feeling. Even better when you can sew each of these adorable DIY clothes at home, that too with the most basic of sewing skills.

1. DIY Baby Leggings

DIY Baby Leggings

Printing your choice of patterns on knit fabric, you use an existing pair of leggings as the reference for cutting pieces of fabric with appropriate allowance for the seams. Once you sew the legs and inner legs together, it’s all about working up the waistband and adding an elastic to the same

DIY Details : everythinggoldenblog

2. DIY Girls Skirt Tutorial

DIY Girls Skirt Tutorial

T shirts, leggings or top – no matter what you pair this girl’s skirt with, it’s going to be a sureshot hit every single time. You need some fabric according to the size you are making, thread, scissors, an elastic, a sewing machine or serger, and trim to get started with the project.

DIY Details : sewjerseymama

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