15 Unbelievably Adorable DIY Baby Clothes You Can Put Together At Home!

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3. Summer Headwrap Tutorial for Infants and Toddlers

Summer Headwrap Tutorial for Infants and Toddlers

Spruce up your young ladies outfit with a glorious headwrap style headband that makes summers so much more cool. That huge bow on top is the undoubted star element of this accessory made with cotton fabric, pins, scissors, pinking shears, sewing machine and iron.

DIY Details : sewjerseymama

4. Ruffle Sleeve Onesie

Ruffle Sleeve Onesie

As the title suggests, ruffled sleeves make this onesie standout with sheer cuteness. Stick to the same cloth and pattern for the dress fabric and the ruffle, or simply go for different designs to make it look vivid. 2 snaps at the shoulder and 3 at the crotch make it easier to change.

DIY Details : seekatesew

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