16 gorgeous easy diy benches ( beginner friendly tutorials for indoors & outdoors!)

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DIY benches are some of the most rewarding projects, because they work like a magic formula, adding beauty and function to a space, and making it feel so much more welcoming!

These 21 DIY benches offer lots of creative ideas for all building skill levels, and detailed tutorials on how to build many types of benches: from garden benches , benches for bedroom, entryway, etc, to benches with storage.

Lots of beginner friendly DIY bench ideas you can build out of 2x4s, concrete blocks, or even old headboards and dressers from yard sales.

You know those spaces that seems “fine”, there is nothing wrong with them. Yet there is just something missing. It could be any room such as an entry, living room, dinning room or bedroom.

Ready for the magic formula? When in doubt, add a bench.


You may have walked by a designer bench at West Elm or William Sonoma and think to yourself: I could build that for $20! Yes you can. These two beautiful DIY garden benches are perfect examples. ( Source: 1 | 2 )

Make gorgeous custom furniture easily with 18 super creative IKEA hacks: dressers, cabinets, benches, tables, kitchen island, and more! - A Piece Of Rainbow


These DIY benches with storage are very easy to build. The crates and bins are great for adding lots of storage without cluttering up the space. ( Source: 3 | 4 | 5 )

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