Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery Before & After

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Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery
Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery Before & After

Bernice Burgos is known well as a model. Her name currently becomes the people’s discussion due to some news spread. She was said having relationship with Tameka Cottle’s husband, T.I (Clifford Harris). The 36 years old model had made Tameka unhappy. Bernice and T.I was ever reported having a time together. But Bernice claimed that she had no intention to make a deal with a married man.

Talking about her appearance, Bernice Burgos was also one of celebrities who had gone under the knife. And the sign of Bernice Burgos plastic surgery was seen clearly from the shape of her body, especially the size of her boobs.

What Are Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Bernice Burgos may have boob job (breast implants). This procedure is one of the most popular plastc surgery which is chosen by the female celebrities. They believe that having big boobs could boost their confidence, that’s why some big names had already done this procedure. Some of them even made an extreme boob job like Big Ang. Big Ang got very big and unusual boob’s size.
In Bernice Burgos case, the boob job looks obvious. You can see it by comparing the before and after picture. Her current boobs looked bigger and rounder than before. She might also want to boost her confidence by having boob job.

Did she get another plastic surgery?

Some people noticed if she did something on her butt. It could be a butt implants. As you see, Bernice Burgos looked having a very curvaceous and hot body shape. Indeed, the speculation about Bernice Burgos plastic surgery was hard to avoid. This could be true. What do you think of this case?

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