Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery – Boob Job & Jaw Implant

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Claire Forlani plastic surgery has been spreading for many years, although the actress has never confirmed about the rumor – the before and after photos reveal that she may have some work done to her appearance.

Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery Before & After

Claire Antonia Forlani or very well known as Claire Forlani is an English actress that still looks beautiful and ageless in 40s years old. Claire Forlani has been rumored to have some anti aging treatment and other plastic surgery procedures to keep her youthful appearance.

Claire Forlani likely has had Botox injection and eye lift surgery to keep her young looking. Beside that Claire Forlani also reported has jaw implant to make perfect her appearances as a public figure.

As a public figure, Claire Forlani should have best appearances. So she decided to get some surgical procedure to make it happen. When looking at her pictures, Claire Forlani looks so beautiful with her square jaw. Her square jaw makes her neck looks perfect in its position. She still looks elegance although her cheekbones look a bit oversize.

Then, Claire Forlani also has smooth forehead and frozen smile. It is indicated that Claire Forlani has Botox injection, but I think it is a bit overdone so she looks unnatural. Beside Botox injection as an anti aging treatment, it seems Claire Forlani also has an eye lift because her eyebrow looks different.

Claire Forlani Boob Job

Claire Forlani Boob Job

In addition to facial surgery, Claire Forlani has also been rumored to have undergone a boob job (breast implants). In the before and after picture, she is definitely having a boob job since her boob look bigger than ever.

Well, plastic surgery can be a choice to maintain the beauty and keep the youthful appearances. But it is not the best choice, because this surgical procedure will give a negative effect in our lives. The other way to maintain our appearance is having a healthy lifestyle, including good diet, routine exercise, stay away from drugs, and many more. Plastic surgery has drastic change, but not each procedure will give satisfying results. If you have good plastic surgery, you will feel happy and feel more confident. You should thanks to the surgeon for the good job. But, if you have not had a good result, I’m sure you will feel disappointed. Worse appearances will accompany your life and even you will be unrecognizable.

What do you think of Claire Forlani plastic surgery? Does she look natural or has she had plastic surgery?

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