Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before & After


Ivanka Trump plastic surgery is not a new story in Hollywood. Some sources and celebrity watchers claimed that Ivanka Trumps has had at least two plastic surgery procedures (a nose job and a boob job) to boost her appearance.

If you want to see the magical part of plastic surgery, then you can see from Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the current US president, Donald Trump. The 35 years old businesswomen had become the people’s attention for years. Yes, Ivanka Trump plastic surgery is not new story. It has been discussed for years. The transformation of her look had become warm topic in some discussion forums. Some enhancements through plastic surgery had made her face become quite pretty. We know that it cost so much money, but Ivanka Trump won’t have any trouble, for she is successful businesswomen, as a daughter of one of the richest man in the world.

Ivanka Trump Before and After

What Are Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Procedures?

If we compare his before and after picture, you can see that she had nose job and boob job as the 2 major plastic surgeries.

Ivanka Trump Nose job

Ivanka Trump nose job has been a hot topic of discussion in Hollywood. If we are comparing then and now photos, it does appear that Ivanka’s new nose looks much different than before. It looks obvious as the result of rhinoplasty (nose job). The nose was fully reconstructed. Ivanka’s current nose looked slimmer and straighter compared to the previous one. The nose job was done well. It gave significant impact to her look.

Some exercises surely made her lose some weight. As the result, Ivanka looks so pretty now. It’s truly the help of skillful doctor.

Ivanka Trump Boob Job

In addition to having a nose job, some sources claimed that she has also enhanced appearance through bob job (popularly known as breast implants).

Why don’t you try to compare the before and after picture to find out. Her boobs got bigger now. It made her body looked so curvaceous and hot. With her new appearance, Ivanka looked very confident. Many people wondered why she needs to get plastic surgery. Was she not confident with old look?