Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery Before & After

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Kendall Jenner plastic surgery rumors have been spreading over the years. Dailymail claimed that model has had several plastic surgery procedures from a nose job to a boob job.

Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kendall Jenner is a member of Kardashian Family. She is Kim Kardashian’s sister from different father. Kendall is Kris and Bruce Jenner’s daughter. As everybody know that Kardashian family is a plastic surgery family. Almost all the member of the family had gone under the knife.

Kim even got some major procedures to get perfect body. She did nose job, boob job or even enlarge the size of her booty. What kind of plastic surgery that Kendall Jenner do?

Born as an American fashion model and television personality, Kendall Nicole Jenner has become the people attention. She is still 21 years old. But some news told she had gone under plastic surgery.

Kendall Jenner Before and After

Did Kendall Jenner Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Kendall Jenner Nose Job

Kendall Jenner Nose job

Nose job (rhinoplasty) is one of favorite procedures among the celebrities. Kendall looked having the same procedure as well. Why don’t you try to compare the before and after picture. You can see that the nose job might have reconstructed her nose a bit. The new nose looks straighter with smaller tip. Kendall Jenner nose job was done well.

Kendall Jenner Boob Job

Kendall Jenner Boob Job

Besides, she may have boob job too. The sign of the procedures can be seen clearly from the boob’s size. Her current boobs looked bigger and rounder. However, some people thought that it was the “age” that influences the size.

If the procedures were really done by Kendall, which means she almost did all Kim Kardashian plastic surgery combo. Kendall has not done a butt implant. Will she do it? Many people are waiting for what she will do next. But, living in more natural way should be better, right?

Kendall Jenner Lip Injections

Kendall Jenner Lip Injections

In addition to having a nose job and a boob job, some celebrity websites also claimed that Kendall Jenner got lip injections.

Although Kendall Jenner has not admitted to have filler or injections, but based on the before and after photos spread on the internet, it is obvious that Kendall Jenner had some work done to her lips. Comparing her past and present photos, it does appear that her lips look much fuller than before.

Well, So far, the lip injection procedure has done well and not too overboard.

Kendall Jenner Eyebrows

Kendall Jenner Eyebrows

Other different thing I notice on Kendall Jenner new appearance is her eyebrows. Honestly, I’m not sure about this, but it seems that her eyebrows appear much higher than it used to be.

Well, what is your opinion about Kendall Jenner transformation? Does she grow naturally?

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