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Paul Simon Plastic Surgery

Paul Simon is known best as an American singer and song writer. You might know one of her popular songs “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”. Paul Simon is 75 years old now. Many people feel amazed with what he had done to his appearance. He looks good and fresh. There are some speculations that told he ha done plastic surgery so far. Facelift and botox injection surely have big role in his facial rejuvenation. Don’t you agree?

Considering from his age and appearance, it seems the speculation about botox and facelift can’t be denied. Paul Simon looks so good for a man in that, age, over 70. The botox and facelift had been chosen as the best and shortest way to rejuvenate face by many celebrities. Even though it took big risk and cost much money, it didn’t make them stop.

You can see Paul Simon plastic surgery by comparing the before and after picture. Paul May have botox injection regularly to control the appearance of the wrinkles and lines on her face. That’s why his face looks very smooth and flawless. Paul may have feel great sensation by doing the botox injection. It keeps his appearance younger than he should be.

Further, the sign of the facelift was seen from his face too. It should be the main cause that re-tightened his facial skin. The skin looks tight and refreshed. It was done well and not overdone. He should be grateful that the plastic surgery didn’t go overdone like many other stars. Don’t you know that Axl Rose, the legendary singer of Gun and Rose. Axl got a very poor days after having plastic surgery. He lost his natural look due to an overdone with botox and facelift.

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