15 DIY Tricks to Rehab the Wood in Your Home

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We all have something made of wood in our homes. With that comes the likelihood of damage from mishaps like stains, bites, rot, or age. Before you decide to either live with it indefinitely or to call a handyman, consider patching things up on your own.

Shared below is a list of DIY fixes for wooden surfaces around the house. Burn mark on your oak table? There’s a fix for that. Holes in your baseboards? There’s a fix for that too. Exterior wood looking a bit petrified? You can do something about that. Check out these remedies!

1. Stain It On Purpose

Give wood a lovely dark stain using coffee! See how Ashley at Cherished Bliss makes her stain from scratch.

2. Water Stain Removal like a Pro

Picked up a nice antique furniture piece that needs some love? Make it look brand new with the pro tips in this tutorial using polish and spirits.

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